How to go from Ibiza to Formentera
boat only or bus + boat

From Ibiza to Formentera: all possible solutions just a click away!

Formentera can only be reached by sea from Ibiza. This is also its charm, a small intimate island, far from the prying eyes of the world, a paradise where anything can happen. This is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday to banish stress! We offer you the possibility to book the Ibiza Formentera ferry in just a few clicks. Our tickets are open. There are no timetables or dates to respect.
As soon as you arrive in Ibiza, you can take the first available boat. We also offer you the possibility to save a lot of money. With us, you can buy your transfer ticket at a 30% discount compared to the cost on site

1 Boat Only

40 € Adults
Total return transfers purchased locally

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Total return transfers purchased ON LINE
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2 Bus + Boat

65 € Adults
Total return transfers purchased locally

Total return transfers purchased ON LINE
Arrival Flight details:
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Return Flight details:
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NB: For flights arriving or departing before 8:30 a.m. and after 8:30 p.m., please check the service before booking.

3 Bus + Boat + Bus

85 € Adults
Total return transfers purchased locally

Total return transfers purchased ON LINE
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Return Flight details:
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NB: For flights arriving or departing before 8:30 a.m. and after 8:30 p.m., please check the service before booking.

Open tickets

Our fast ferry tickets have open schedules and dates, allowing you to catch the first available boat to coincide with your arrival.

Save money

Buy your ticket online in advance (round trip) and get discounts of up to 30% compared to on-site prices!

Save time

By purchasing the boat ticket combined with the bus transfer, you will avoid the long and congested taxi queues on arrival in Ibiza and/or Formentera. The departure of the bus will coincide with your flight.


The only ferries that we offer to our clients, whether sold individually or as part of the package with transfers, are the fast ferries, which are regular ferries that will allow you to get to Formentera in the fastest way with a journey of around 25 - 30 minutes depending on the type of boat leaving. For all the timetables please click on the "Ferry Timetable" button above on the page (a boat leaves for Formentera about every 30 minutes during the day).

The ferry port for Formentera is approximately 10 km from Ibiza airport. To get there you can take a taxi, or purchase a full transfer with us to catch the first ferry out.

For the purchase of boat tickets only (option 1), you can take the ferry that best suits your needs, as the only restriction is the day of collection of the tickets, which you can change by giving notice at least two days before your arrival.
On the other hand, if you buy the service combined with the bus, although the tickets are also open in this case, you will still be bound by the shuttle that will take you to the port.
In any case, you don't have to worry about anything, as our staff at Ibiza airport will give you all the assistance and explanations you need on arrival for the shuttle and boarding, as well as an emergency telephone number.

Ferry times vary depending on the time of the season. In July and August there is an additional boat departing from Ibiza at around 1am, while the rest of the season it is normally at 11pm.

Even if your flight is delayed, there is no problem with any of the services offered. For the boat ticket only, tickets are open and timetable-free, so you can catch the next boat.

As for the transfer service, our on-site staff will monitor the delay of your flight so that we can still provide the service correctly. If your flight lands in Ibiza after 22:00, you will be reimbursed for the transfer and will be provided with telephone assistance so that you can reach Formentera the same day if there are enough boats (in high season the last boat to Formentera is at 1.30 am).

If you do not have the possibility of using the full service on the same day for a return trip, it is not possible to purchase this type of transfer. In this case, we recommend that you buy the boat ticket only, and then take taxis to your destinations on your own.

The bus/shuttle service normally departs at every low-cost airline arrival. Unless they land at the same time, we try to avoid waiting for several flights to fill up the shuttle before starting it, in order to reduce waiting times.

The departure of the shuttle from the port of Ibiza to the airport is calculated according to the departure time of your flight, normally about 2 hours before take-off. The time will however be reconfirmed on arrival by our colleagues at the airport on the day of your arrival.

The voucher that you will receive at your e-mail address will contain all the explanations for collecting the services at the airport as well as a contact telephone number in case you have any difficulties or problems.

In principle, all hotels, tourist flats and houses can be reached with a full transfer. However, it is advisable to send us an email to check the compatibility of the accommodation before proceeding with the booking.

Ferry Ibiza Formentera: book with us!

We offer you several options. You can choose to book the boat-only transfer, which includes return tickets on the fast boat. Or you can choose the bus plus boat transfer, which not only saves you money, but also time. And what's more precious than time on holiday?
This second option is the shuttle bus from the airport to the port of Ibiza. You do not need to search for a taxi. You don't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic. You will arrive at the port as soon as possible and can embark immediately for Formentera. The same applies for the return journey. On the return journey you can take a shuttle bus from the port to the airport in Ibiza. Obviously the buses are organised to coincide with the arrival and departure flights.
Finally, you can also book a complete transfer, which includes a bus transfer from the port of Formentera to your accommodation. In this way, you will be able to reach the flat, hotel or village you have chosen for your stay in a simple and fast way, without any problems.

Discover the other services we have waiting for you for your travels on the island

We don't just offer you the possibility of organising your transfer. With us, you can also immediately book a transport to move around the island. Choose our Formentera car rental service, with insurance included, unlimited mileage and technical assistance on the road. You can of course also request child seats. A car is indeed the best choice for families with small children in tow, as well as for large groups who do not want to split up when travelling.

If you are in Formentera on your own, as a couple or with some friends, two wheels are the best option. Formentera is a very small island. You don't need a car at all to get around it! With our Formentera rent a bike service, you can get wherever you want, breathing in the sea air at the top of your lungs and filling your eyes with the wonderful colours of the island. Not only scooters, you can also rent a bicycle. Choose the classic bike if cycling is a real passion for you, for a holiday in contact with nature, for an active holiday. Alternatively, you can choose an electric bike. You will have the same slow approach to the island and avoid choosing polluting vehicles.

Our rental service in Formentera is not limited to this. We also offer you the possibility of hiring dinghies, even if you don't have a licence. You will be able to make wonderful sea excursions in total autonomy. Finally, you can also rent a boat with skipper for an incredible experience at sea.

We are your point of reference for your holidays in Formentera

At Formentera Vuela we want to be a point of reference for your holidays on the island. We offer you transfer and rental services, but also the possibility of choosing the most suitable accommodation for your needs and your idea of a holiday. Hotels overlooking the sea, holiday villages, family-friendly facilities and flats are just some of the proposals in our catalogue. We can meet the needs of every traveller, whether they are looking for low-cost accommodation or those who want the ultimate in luxury. Browse through our catalogue and discover the wonders that the island of Formentera has in store for you!