Formentera Street Markets: the best choice for your shopping

Hippy Market Formentera: shopping the tradition of the island

Are you looking for a unique shopping experience? Then visit the Hippy Market Formentera. This market is full of incredible and eclectic items, all handmade. From ceramics to organic cosmetics, there is something for everyone. The atmosphere is fun and quirky, making it a perfect place to spend an afternoon of relaxation and fun. Besides the beautiful beaches Formentera, the island has much more to offer. Among the many attractions on the island, the markets are certainly a must for anyone interested in varied and versatile shopping. A unique opportunity to do some Formentera-style shopping and maybe enjoy some live music!

Hippie Market Formentera: a must-visit attraction

The Formentera Hippie Market is an unmissable tourist attraction on the island and takes place in La Mola every Wednesday and Sunday of the summer. This multifaceted market is a colourful and fun place to spend an afternoon discovering amazing local handicrafts. The quality of the items on sale is incredible and you are sure to find something you like. If you are a fan of hippy culture, this is the place to be. The hippy market La Mola Formentera is an intrinsic part of the island's history. Founded in the 1970s by a group of hippies in search of freedom and inspiration, this market has become an icon of the island. Artists, artisans and travellers gathered here to share ideas, create art and spread a sense of community. Over the years, the market has thrived, becoming a place where people can buy unique creations, listen to live music and experience hippy culture in a lovely setting. Today, La Mola continues to enchant visitors with its magical atmosphere and fascinating history.

Formentera Markets: 5 not-to-be-missed events

There is something for everyone at the Formentera Hippy Market, so whether you are a hippy or just want to get into the local atmosphere, there is definitely something for you. If you are on holiday in Formentera, don't miss this market. It’s one of the most popular attractions on the island. Visiting one of the many Formentera hippie markets is a unique experience that you should try at least once during your holiday on the island. The Formentera markets have existed since the 1990s and continue to be one of the island's most popular attractions. They are great places to find unique souvenirs, places where there is always something new to discover.

La Mola Formentera Market

The 'Fira artesanal de La Mola' is actually the island's main market and takes place in summer on Wednesdays and Sundays. Formentera nightlife and daytime entertainment are constantly intertwined. The market of La Mola is an example of this, since in addition to stalls selling handicrafts, concerts and small street performances are offered. For this reason, it is definitely worth a visit as it is one of the main local attractions. It is full of local handicrafts that delight anyone who visits it. Don't forget to visit La Mola Formentera when you are on the island: you won't regret it! If you want to experience a bit of culture, all you have to do is hop on a bus, or rent a scooter, and head to La Mola Formentera. This little village lost in the pine forests is full of winding, scenic streets and a picturesque square.

Es Pujols Formentera Market

This Formentera hippie market takes place on the seafront promenade of Es Pujols every summer evening. It hosts a wide variety of handicraft products, all made to high quality standards. Among the colourful market stalls you can find everything from ceramics to soaps, perfumes to clothes. The ambience is eccentric and fun. The Es Pujols Hippy Market started as a small business in the early 1990s. It has since evolved into one of the most popular markets on the island, which tourists should definitely visit when in town. This is why we advise everyone to get flats in Es Pujols and not to miss one or more visits to these multifaceted markets. Whether you are looking for unique and rare products at affordable prices or you simply want a fun and quirky experience, the Es Pujols Hippy Market is definitely worth a visit.

San Ferran Formentera Market

Here you will find everything from hand-painted ceramics to clothes in perfect hippy style. What's more, the vendors are always ready to have a chat and a laugh with the tourists, so fun is guaranteed. If you find yourself in the area on a summer's evening, drop by the San Ferran Hippy Market. You won't regret it!

San Francesc Formentera Market

In San Francesc Formentera you can find a wide variety of local handicrafts and objects. In fact, the village, in its own small way, boasts many boutiques selling local souvenirs and typical 'Formentera-style' clothes. These range from handmade products to the most whimsical clothing and accessories. If you love hippie-chic fashion, don't miss the opportunity to visit the quaint little shops in San Francesc Formentera. If you feel like cooling off in the fresh air, take a stroll through the quaint central square and stop for a Formentera aperitif in one of the many bars and restaurants in the area. This village is full of boutiques and cafés. The resort also has a long culinary tradition of fresh seafood that can be enjoyed in one of the many Formentera restaurants.

La Savina Formentera Market

For a relaxing day on the island, La Savina Formentera is the perfect place to visit. The market in La Savina is full of handmade treasures, from paintings to jewellery. It takes place on the pedestrian promenade that leads directly to the beautiful marina 'Marina Formentera'. A great place to spend a quiet day, whether you want to buy something or simply enjoy the ambience. La Savina, despite the presence of the harbour, offers in its surroundings some of the few wild places left on the island. It is also a great place for birdwatching, as there are many resident bird species in the salt ponds surrounding the village.

Formentera Markets: make the most of your visit

The Formentera Hippy Market is an exclusive opportunity to buy hippy-style objects of all kinds. There are handicrafts, clothing, accessories, cosmetics and much more. The fun, cheerful and unique atmosphere makes this attraction a recommended choice for those interested in unique and original purchases. It is a very atmospheric place where you can discover wonders such as, for example, purchases by a local artist who uses natural colours in his painting. You can also find both organic and herbal products and artwork made from recycled materials. All the local products are an ode to art and hippy traditions, which have been popular on the island since the 1970s. These are unique experiences not to be missed. All the more reason to book your next holiday with Formentera Vuela and visit this wonderful island.

Formentera Market: the island's hippy heritage

The Formentera Hippy Market is a must for anyone interested in shopping and local life on the island. The market is a great place to explore the island's unique culture and heritage. It is also a great way to experience the quiet life of the island. Whether you are looking for something special or simply want to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle, Formentera's Hippy Market is a destination not to be missed.