The beach bars in Formentera: the best way to start off your night

Beach bars Formentera: cocktails, music and lots of fun

If you are looking for a fun night out on the island, then you absolutely must have try the beach bars Formentera! A moment of magical relaxation and fun, to be experienced and enjoyed in company of friends and fellow travellers. Just choose one of the many bars on the island to enjoy fabulous cocktails while listening to music. If you feel like getting dressed up and having fun, go ahead, sunset is the right time to savour the true soul of the island of Formentera.

Formentera beach bars: the best ones for the unmissable aperitif rendezvous

The aperitif is the perfect moment to start having fun in Formentera. During an aperitif you can enjoy delicious cocktails while music plays in the background to breathtaking views and an atmosphere of pure fun. Formentera nightlife and daytime entertainment intertwine every day and the aperitif is the moment that perfectly separates the two opposites. On the island there are many excellent places to have a drink on the beach. Where to have a drink on the beach in Formentera? We have decided to put together a short guide to the best on the island so you can get some ideas and suggestions for your next holiday.

Sunset Formentera: cocktails and magic during the golden hour

Anyone wishing to spend an ideal evening can certainly not miss a cocktail while enjoying the sunset Formentera. This is indeed the ideal moment to indulge in a few moments of relaxation and fun. At sunset, cocktails, the magic of light and colours combine with music to give you the ideal conditions for a perfect evening. The beach bars we recommend in Formentera are some of the best and most popular places to enjoy drinks and good music:

  1. Piratabus
  2. Kiosco 62
  3. Bluebar
  4. Sa Sequi
  5. Beso Beach

Aperitifs Formentera: the best places to enjoy drinks

Before you go out to eat some local seafood delicacies in one of the many Formentera restaurants, stop by one of the fantastic aperitif bars! Here you can enjoy delicious cocktails while music plays in the background of a magical evening. Some of the best places for an aperitif in Formentera are Piratabus Formentera, Kiosko 62, and Blue Bar Formentera. Whether you are looking for an ice-cold drink to cool down from the summer heat of the day spent on one of Formentera's best beaches, or something more powerful, these are the right places to start the evening. However, don't forget to bring your dancing spirit with you: these bars are perfect for spending a few hours of fun rocking out with your feet in the sand.

Piratabus Formentera

Piratabus is a historical bar of the island. It is located on Migjorn beach at km 11 and became famous thanks to its hippy atmosphere. If you have spent a day at this beach, come and try a Mojito at Piratabus. You will definitely feel the vibe of the old Formentera!

Kiosco 62

If you are looking for a fun and refreshing drink after a long day at the beach, Kiosco 62 is definitely the place to be. Here you will find a wide variety of drinks, including a great mojito. The staff is always happy to help you choose the best drink to suit your taste and the atmosphere is lively and festive. Here you can always listen to music and be in good company to end the days with fun and conviviality.

Blue Bar Formentera

The Blue Bar is definitely worth a stop. Here you can enjoy delicious cocktails while music plays in the background. At the Blue Bar you will find everything from fruity martinis to refreshing mojitos, all made with the finest ingredients. Whether you are in the mood for a frozen drink or a pina colada, you are sure to find the perfect drink to suit your taste. Blue Bar Formentera is not only a great place to enjoy a drink, it also hosts the best live music in Formentera. From reggae to soul ballads, there is always something to listen to and dance to at the Blue Bar! Don't miss the opportunity to visit this legendary venue!

Sa Sequi

Sa Sequi restaurant enjoys an unbeatable location, among the salt pans of Formentera. From the tables you can admire a beautiful sunset, with the island of Ibiza in the background. This place is very fashionable, as it has a large chill-out area, where people gather for the classic sunset ritual. The recipe is a winning one: excellent cocktails, danceable music and a spectacular view of the colours

Beso Beach Formentera

Beso Beach Formentera is a charming restaurant in the pine forests of Cavall den Borras, known for its elegance and relaxation. Located practically at the beginning of Illetas beach, it offers a world-class gastronomic and entertainment experience. With high quality Mediterranean cuisine and a relaxed (yet lively) atmosphere, Beso Beach is the perfect place to enjoy the sun and sea, perhaps while sipping one of the delicious cocktails.

Sunset Bar Formentera: a local tradition

If you want to have a simple but always fun Formentera aperitif, be sure to visit a chiringuito or beach bar. In these places you can enjoy delicious traditional Spanish dishes and spend time with family and friends. A beach bar is a great place to meet old friends and make new ones. It is also the perfect place to take your beloved ones for a romantic dinner. In fact, it is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Formentera. The natural environment and friendly staff always make you feel at home from the moment you enter. Whatever your taste in drinks and cocktails, remember that a day in Formentera can only end with a drink at sunset. This is the best moment to open the doors to the fun of the nightlife that has always characterised the island.