Recensioni, curiosità e un po' di storia di Formentera Vuela.


Since 2012

Formentera Vuela was founded in 2012 by the 2 founding members, after a decade of experience in tourism and tour-operators in the Balearic Islands.

We are very carefull to the needs of our customers and always looking for the product with a better quality and price, we offer personalized assistance before and after sales.

To answer your questions there is not an automated switchboard, but rather our staff who are on site, always attentive and prepared.

About us

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+300 review airbnb

Robert G.

"Excellent location. It's a 10 minute walk to the harbour. Very well stocked supermarket next door, moped hire 1 minute walk away. Alessio answers questions immediately."

Tyty F.

"We loved the flat! It has a great location, it's clean, sufficiently stocked and we having the balcony had a view of the salt flats, very nice indeed."

Linda B.

"Thanks to all the suggestions and advice during the holiday, flat according to expectations."

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+112 facebook reviews of satisfied customers

Marck R.

Second year booking with them! Everything perfect from start to finish, accommodation and ferry at an excellent quality price, correct and transparent from the start! Everything great, a praise to Alessio!!!

Debora C.

"Unforgettable holidays thanks to Formentera Vuela, perfect assistance, thanks to the guys and all the staff"

Nesrine Ben-g

"Spectacular hotel in Migjorn with sea views at a fair price. Thanks to maura's advice. will repeat!"

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+58 google reviews of satisfied customers

Thomas L.

"If you have to book a holiday in Formentera you have to do it on FormenteraVuela. We took hotel, ferry and scooter (on which on their website we have..."

George S.

"Everything perfect. Highly recommended for a holiday in Formentera, from the stay to the transfers to the car rental! In Formentera only with them ! Alessio always available and quick in communications!"

Marie C.

"I booked a hotel in the centre of Es Pujols with Formentera Vuela. Definitely satisfied, perfect location and this year with a great discount."

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Alessio Palumbo
An island where the perception of time changes in all its forms. Getting lost in Formentera and never finding yourself again is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you.
Silvio Farina
This island is synonymous with freedom combined with spectacular and exciting nature, so the 'pura vida' of Formentera is something that enters you and never leaves.

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Nowadays the world of tourism is evolving very quickly, which is why, after almost 10 years of experience in the world of hospitality in the Balearic Islands, we decided to focus everything on the web and in 2012 was born. By choosing to book with us you have the convenience of booking from home, but with the guarantee of entrusting yourself to a professional and established company that offers an on-site service that the classic travel agency cannot give you for simple reasons of distance.

The facilities we use all have a regular tourist licence and in many cases they are aparthotels or residences with a reception available to customers. We also provide our customers with a booking assistance number, as well as our 24-hour on-call numbers for maximum pre- and post-sales assistance. Reviews and opinions about Formentera vuela, can be found on several pages of the web written by customers who have been on holiday with us over the years.


When the booking is completed you will receive our emergency telephone number, to assist you during your holiday


Our operators and our back office are always ready to answer all your questions and concerns

Our priority is obviously to build customer loyalty, because we know that the best advertising in the internet world is to be able to offer the customer the guarantee that their holiday will not be ruined by a scam or a service that does not reflect what was promised at the time of booking. If you do a search on Google you will find reviews from our customers as well as numerous travel blogs that have written about us. We hope we have given you a clear overview of what our agency represents, so don't think too long... we look forward to seeing you on the island!